Hand stamped jewelry is handmade. Every piece is carefully crafted. No one piece is exactly the same. That is what gives it such beauty and character.  There are NO returns or exchanges on hand stamped Jewelry. This is custom.



Gold Fill -14k Gold filled is durable and considered a lifetime piece of jewelry. This is NOT gold plated or gold dipped vermeil jewelry which can chip off over time with wear. Gold filled metal is essentially a 14k gold tube filled with an inner core metal such as brass and has been mechanically bonded with high very hot heat. It will never chip or flake off as with gold plated metals.

Sterling Silver - Sterling silver jewelry is made with genuine silver.

All Stones - Stones are natural entities; therefore no two pieces are exactly the same.

Note: The prices of gold, gold-filled, and silver jewelry are based on the current market value of precious metals.



Sterling silver will develop a patina or tarnish as a natural reaction to various things in the environment. It is the nature of the metal to discolor as it comes in contact with moisture, body products, skin oils, etc. but it can easily be cleaned with the right product.  

Our pieces are not plated or coated with anything and the pure metal does require a degree of care and maintenance.



We suggest a mild soap with warm water. A great product that we use frequently is Dawn dish soap.

Silver cream polish, such as Wright's or Weiman's, is another option. It is easy to use and comes with a soft sponge to apply the cream to your jewelry (a paper towel can also be used to apply the polish). It should then be rinsed and thoroughly dried. This can be found at most supermarkets or hardware stores in the cleaning aisle as it is the same product used for sterling silver flatware.  

A polishing cloth can be a great way to quickly wipe down a piece as well.



We will repair jewelry if we are able to. The customer is responsible for shipping cost and any other cost that may occur. Please contact to see if we are able to repair.