Jewelry Designer

Hi I’m Jenn.

Where do I start? I never dreamed of becoming a jewelry designer or even took interest in accessories for that matter. After high school, I attended culinary school and was a chef for six years. I enjoyed cooking in restaurants for the fast pace excitement and the rewarding feeling when your special dish sells out on a Friday night.

Thirteen years ago, my best friend came home from college and told me how she had been making jewelry. I started to dabble and found that I enjoyed creating jewelry, not to mention ladies wanted to wear it! This interest is where my roller coaster ride began. I remember selling jewelry out of my car, my apartment, and even off my neck at times. I quickly was approached to open a storefront in my hometown.

I have succeeded to take my skills from culinary arts and relate them to my jewelry business. My jewelry is handcrafted with love by me. Every piece I create is my story coming to life. My art can be dressed up for a date night or as simple as everyday attire. It is a rewarding and a humbling feeling that every day I am able to express myself through my craft and help women feel beautiful.

Watching my three beautiful and entertaining children grow is the source of my inspiration. Some of my best work has been created at 3am. This is also one of the only times of the day my home is completely quiet!

My husband and family are my biggest fans. With them by my side they have made my vision a reality. Thank you to all the fabulous women who wear my jewelry and who promote me. I am grateful for the love and support each of you have expressed to me. My hope is to create and develop my craft for years to come.